Friday, December 21, 2018

'Economy: Questions Essay\r'

' dress each question fully. Complete sentences be not necessary.\r\nLesson 1 (3.0 points)\r\n1. What are the cardinal tools the Fed uses to keep the economy unchanging? (1.0 points)\r\n1. fund straddle\r\n2. discount regularize\r\n3. reserve requirement ratio\r\n2. What is a recession? (0.5 points)\r\na period of irregular stinting decline during which wiliness and industrial activity are reduced, generally determine by a fall in GDP in two sequent quarters.\r\n3. What is domestic medico? (0.5 points)\r\nDomestic commerce refers to the buying and selling of products within a particular country.\r\n4. What is Congress? (0.5 points)\r\nthe national legislative body of a country.\r\n5. What is monetary form _or_ system of governing? (0.5 points)\r\nMonetary policy is the decisions a government makes to control the supply of money, availability of money, and pass judgment of money.\r\nLesson 2 (3.0 points)\r\n1. What is antimonopoly law? (0.5 points)\r\nantitrust law, which forbids agreements among competitors to fix prices or prevent bring together competition\r\n2. What is globalization? (0.5 points)\r\nGlobalization is the thin out toward local, regional, or national economies becoming committed through communication, business, and trade.\r\n3. What is free trade? (0.5 points)\r\nA free trade zone (FTZ) is a specific class of special economic zone. They are a geographic stadium where goods may be landed, handled, manufactured or reconfigured, and reexported without the intervention of the customs authorities.\r\n4. What is tack rate run a risk? (0.5 points)\r\nExchange rate risk is the risk that investors and business people find when converting their money to a foreign property to invest or do business.\r\n5. What is a country’s trade dimension? (0.5 points)\r\nA country’s trade balance is a comparison of its imports to exports.\r\n6. What is an exchange rate? (0.5 points)\r\nThe exchange rate tells you how a lot one unit of currency is worth when converted to another currency.\r\n'

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