Saturday, February 16, 2019

America Essay -- American History, Hollywood

native land, the country that I sleep with, forever reign supreme And when judgment of conviction stands still, my homeland, may heaven hold your dream (Spring-Rice). Gustav Holsts song Homeland is every last(predicate)(prenominal) about people who are patriotic towards their own country. the States has been construct upon a certain set of rules in which makes it unique from their countries. Americans require excessive pride in their country which shows greatly in their interactions with others. Americans also kick in other traits which reflect their culture. White America views itself in three ship canal appearance, narcissism, and social status.You want to fit in with these people? Theyre non going to change. You have to (Traister 675). America has views which are built on appearances. This is because of the media having an operate on what Americans view as socially acceptable. Hollywood sets a standard by using celebrities to show Americans what they should wear. Men ar e ordinarily viewed as wearing simple but masculine clothing. Also these are said to, Emphasize the size of upper body musculature, allow independence of movement, and encourage an illusion of physical power and a look of mild physicality all suggest masculinity. Such appearance of strength and circle to action serve to create or enhance an aura of aggressiveness and intimidation central to an appearance of masculinity (Devor 571). On the other hand, women have more of a variety of clothing styles all of which reflect bear out to femininity. As Devor states in his article, Feminine styles of dress likewise display infantryman status by dint of greater restriction of the free movement of the body, greater exposure of the bare skin and an emphasis on sexual characteristics (Devor 570). along with clothes how a person presents hi... ...he rich) are viewed in America has having all of the wealth and the power, while the middle and lower classes are left in the shadow. Hollywood makes sure its audiences leave the theater thinking you cant be too rich (Parenti 406). Americas culture is reflected through what is displayed in the media. Therefore a conclusion can be wasted that Americans base their stereotypes of social status off of what is viewed in the media. My homeland, be my dream, my hope. Homeland (Spring-Rice). Appearance, narcissism, and social status are three traits America uses to view itself. America has been built upon pride and patriotism ever since they won their freedom from England. Because of this, Americans posit pride in their country. This is why Americans view themselves as superior to others. They love their country and would not want to change anything about it.

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