Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Comparing Millers Enemy of the People, Becketts Waiting for Godot and Vonneguts Slaughterhouse-F :: comparison compare contrast essays

Human Values and Technology in Millers Enemy of the People, Becketts delay for Godot and Vonneguts Slaughterho using up-Five Human values domiciliatet be replaced by engineering science. Human values can just hope to evolve as quickly as technology is expanding. If one lags behind the other, its homo values. Technology can exist and black market without human beings values. There is a rush for Isaac Newton precisely that doesnt quash the penury for a good philosopher. Though both technology and human values can be used march on in hand and that is the ideal situation. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Its all to the highest degree finding a balance. Enemy of the People is the perfect example of how human values sometimes dont evolve as quickly as technology. The township had the technology available to make sure the hot springs were up to score just now not only did they not put that technology to use hardly they challenged the findings with no proof of the ir own. The town as a intact had no experience with this type of science before. Thus, they were instantly skeptical (they too benefited financially by not believing it). But what the town should commence done was step back and look at all the facts (sick visitors (Miller 35) and the woeful intake (Miller 36)) and made an informed decision instead of just cart track from the unknown. They happen to have ability and knowledge, (Miller 45) is what Dr. Stockman told Hovstad. He assumed that these pot had the same trust and knowledge in technology that he had but he was wrong. People need a way to deal with the ever-growing newly technology. It was scary for the town to believe that there were things happening on the bacterial level (one that they couldnt see). Did the town choose not to believe the blatant true statement because it would hurt them, the skewed facts or out of fear of the unknown and the consequences. Ignorance is bliss, but civilization needs to be info rmed of whats going on and how it affects their lives. A person cant just take things on faith when dealing with science, they need proof and an explanation. Its easy to follow the mass in anything (especially public opinion) but one needs to ask themselves how informed is the general public?

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