Monday, February 25, 2019

Eminem and Craig David

In this speech, I am talking about two very illustrious singers, Eminem and Craig David. They are both(prenominal) very brilliant at making meters tho in there own and very different ways.Eminem is gener on the wholey cognise for all the swearing in all his metrical compositions, well he is cognise for that by the parents at least. He has had to face the courts due to too many a(prenominal) another(prenominal) parents complaining that Eminem is too influential on there children in a very bad way. He always makes a clean stochastic variable of his album so his girl, Hailey can listen to his songs in her little cassette player. He always puts her first. He believes that fame is nothing without being able to share it with his daughter and wife.Eminem has made many friends in the music industry, such as his protg, Dr Dre. He has also made a pact with snoop dogg, d12, dido and many other singers. Whereas Craig David has not made a song with anyone and has not shown that he has any celebrity friends, at least in his songs, this could mean he is a true solo artist, or he is a nonsocial person.Both of these artists had a low point in there go but the both eventually came back. Eminem came back with a song called without me saying that he is back and you should tell a friend, and that he has got through all his law suits. Craig David recently came back with whats your flava comparing ice cream to a lady, in the end his favourite flavour is chocolate. I did not real like this song.Craig David uses his vocal talent to a high extent to a create a beat that people like. He mainly dialogue about ladies in songs, like in his latest song, eenie meenie.Eminem does not in reality sing, he raps giving the song a great beat that has a lot of rhyming in it, you can feel his emotion when he sings in his songs, showing he has passion towards certain songs. He usually bases his songs on the way of life, past experiences he claims to have had, situations and things he loves or hates. In his album, the Eminem show, he has dedicated a song to Hailey showing that he really loves her.I think that Eminems songs are brilliant but some might say that they are depressing and has bad influence on people, but I dont think that.Craig David is very good when he wants to be, his song what your flava was not that good in my opinion because he had not pen a song in a while and I picture he was a little out of touch. But his other song eenie meenie is brilliant because he is mixing different styles of music making a brilliant tune in my opinion.Overall, I think that they are both good but Eminem is a lot better and down to primer and has more meaning in his songs.

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