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Eva Duarte Peron (Evita) Essay -- Argentina History Latin America Evit

Eva Duarte Peron (Evita) Thesis Her experience as a appendage of the get class who overcame poverty and her belief in bringing arbiter to the paltry made everything that she did for the mint of Argentina possible.Eva PeronMi vida por Peron (My life for Peron) Evitacried a thousand measure before the roaring crowds, andthen she died. There are parallels that could be bony amid her life and the lives of otherobsessively ambitious women who have constrained their waythrough poverty and fame.but instead popular memoryfinds parallels between Evitas life and the lives ofthe saints, because she did it all for someone else.(Guillermoprieto 100)From Colonel Juan Perons election in 1946 until her death from genus Cancerin 1952, Eva Duarte de Peron greatly altered the lives of the Argentinepeople. Knowing from her childhood what it was worry to belong to the dismantle class population of Argentina, she felt she had the inside confederacy to making conditions better for her descamisados, orshirtless ones. Her experience as a member of the lower class whoovercame poverty and her belief in bringing justice to the poor madeeverything she did for the people of Argentina possible.Social injustice was over in Argentina. It was too much for Evato bear, so she decided to take operation (Peron 12). Eva Duarte met heropportunity to work for the government when an earthquake destroyed mostof the city of San Juan on January 15, 1944. She helped takecollections for the needy (To Be I). Later, she chose to work in thesecretariat of Labor and Social Welfare. In this department she wasable to meet many a(prenominal) people and hear all of their stories and problems(Peron 71). She was especially interested in the lower class, the work class of Argentines. Coming from a family among the workingclass, she knew what they were going through. She had a specialunderstanding of the working class and felt comfortable working withthem to improve their situation (79). Eva considered each worker thatcame into her office a friend, and she was a loyal friend to each ofthem (81). In all of this, her main intend was to give justice to thepoor.In 1945 she married Colonel Juan Peron, who became Argentinas presidentin 1946 (Taylor 39). Eva helped him a great d... ...ood education. She gave Argentinewomen the right to vote and a fructify to go while beginning their career.She gave the orphans a home and the elderly a place to retire. All ofthese things she did without expecting anything in return. The onlything she desired was the love of her people and of Peron.Works CitedGuillermoprieto, Alma. Little Eva. The New Yorker 2 December 199698+Larson, Dolane. Evitas Legacy. Evita Peron historical Research Foundation. 10 January 1997.http// (2 April 1999).Mc Henry, Robert, ed. Eva Peron. The New Encyclopedia Britannica Macropaedia. 1993 ed.Peron, Eva. evita by evita Eva Duarte Peron Tells Her Own Story. Redwood City, CA Proteus Publishing Co., Inc., 1978.Taylor, J.M. Eva Peron The Myths of a Woman. kale The University of Chicago Press, 1979.To Be Evita. Part I. Trans. Dolane Larson. Evita Peron Historical Research Foundation. April, 1997.http// (9 April 1999).To Be Evita. Part II. Trans. Dolane Larson. Evita Peron Historical Research Foundation. April, 1997.http// (9 April 1999).

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