Thursday, March 21, 2019

Depression Essay -- essays research papers

DepressionConsider this Elizabeth Wurtzel has engagementd with picture without her purport. She has a score of suicide attempts, self-mutilations, and serious mood swings. She took numerous antidepressants and musics in an attempt to see her irregular behavior. She quit using the medications due to the multiple side effectuate the drugs had on her. The result was chaos after Elizabeth quit taking her medication her body experienced episodes of withdrawal. Despite her continued attempts to combat her complaint, she experienced nauseated breakdowns and alienation from her friends and family. Elizabeth Wurtzel reluctantly went back to taking medication despite the potentially serious side effects of taking so many drugs (Kim 46). In the news, on the streets, and in neighborhoods, individuals are confronted with a variety of social problems(Kim 7). A person may watch a loved maven participation fagcer, suspect a friend of having bulimia, or he/she may struggle daily with f eeling (Kim 7). The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that as many as 17 million Americans each year keep going from depression. About one in twenty-five of these sufferers is under the age of 18, and one in seven women will experience depression in her lifetime. The illness strikes regardless of age, gender, class, culture, or ethnic background (Kim 9). The occurrence and distribution of depression in a population may be related to a variety of factors. Such factors include a wide range of possibilities much(prenominal) as sex, age, living in the town, living in the country, nutrition, marital status, socioeconomic background, and genetic factors (Winokur 18). Many people who are depressed do non seek treatment either because they are unaware that their condition can be jockstraped or because they are all too aware of the chump and shame associated with depression(Kim 9). Discovering and analyzing the complexities of issues that are associated with depression is a necessity in the goal of obtaining a comprehensive envisioning of depression and of those who suffer from the illness (Kim 13). In order to completely understand the illness of depression, people should understand what the disease is, what factors cause the disease, and the how disease is treated.Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or discouragement occasionally lure at us all (Kim 13), but those feelings eventually fade away. Th... ... therapists a depression patient decides to see, the first step in getting help is to find a suitable therapist to guide the patient through the process (Kim 87) of recovery.In conclusion, depression is a psychological condition of worldwide emotional dejection and withdrawal (Webster 311). Depression affects people both mentally and physically (Kim 14). In order for a person to enter the estate of depression different biologic, psychological, and sociological risk factors must exist (Kim 89). The harshness of the depression experienced by a p erson is predispositioned by the gracelessness of the risk factors experienced by that person. Even the most severe cases of depression can be treated with the help of professionals. Psychiatrists can prescribe drugs and biological bureau of treatment (Kim 90) psychologists offer psychotherapy as a means of help (Kim 90). It is (also) important to look at what is happening in life from a perspective that does not turn everyday problems into overwhelming ones.........Remember that everyone has worse days. The trick is to take them in stride. Research tells us that people who weart catastrophize are less likely to become depressed (Robbins 180).

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