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The Renaissance anf its impact on Society :: essays research papers

The conversion and its bear upon on Modern SocietyThe spiritual rebirth 1AbstractThe metempsychosis is a term that means rebirth. The renaissance marked a regenerate interest in many things such as the arts only if excessively brought about change in the areas of class structure hatful invention and science. These changes have influenced nearly every social class and modify society in the modern world. This paper will show how this grotesque period in our history impacts our society today. The Renaissance 2 section Structure and TradeBefore the Renaissance, power was achieved by birthright, wealth and grandeur however the Renaissance gave birth to the merchandiser class. Agriculture was a ground tackle of wealth and power however, it was quickly becoming less lucrative and many farmers decided to move to cities and take up new occupations. These city-based occupations required the claim for increased rearingal skills such as reading, writing and bookkeeping. Accordingl y education became more important, and parents of this uphill merchant class increasingly wanted their children to calculate schools and universities. As the merchant class grew, they became increasingly wealthy. Along with this newfound wealth, this emerging merchant class gained power. Power that changed existing class structures and influenced politics. The evolution of the merchant class has developed into the free-trade system used finishedout the industrialized world. Furthermore, the merchant class of the Renaissance allowed people not of birthright or grand blood to gain wealth and ascend to power in twain business and politics. Today many of our successful business men and women who came from discredit origins and owe their ability to improve themselves through education and the earning of wealth through trade and business to the merchant class of the Renaissance.The Renaissance 3 conceptThe Renaissance brought about the first portable time. Invented in 1410, Filippo Brunelleschis spring-driven visualise clock made it possible to keep track of and manage date outside of the home or village. The evolution of Brunelleschis portable clock is our modern day wristwatch. The development of convex and concave lenses during the Renaissance also led to the invention of both the microscope and telescope. Arguably, the most valuable invention of the Renaissance was the moveable type printing press invented by Johann Gutenberg. Prior to Gutenbergs printing press the copying of books and text was a painstaking, slow branch done by hand. The Renaissances printing press is the gramps of our modern day copy machine and computer printer.ScienceDuring the Renaissance science made leaps and bounds as well.

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