Tuesday, April 30, 2019


DEVELOPING BUSINESS PROCESSES & OPERATIONS - Essay ExampleIn addition, trading operations management provides an system with the criteria for imposing by the market where follow operates, according to Slack, Alistair and Robert (2013). Bamford and Forrester (2010) define the aim of operations management to cover the process of decision making and enable organization to develop its strategies. It strives to allow the company to satisfy the needs of stakeholders, foster the long-term success and understand how, where and what for the operations should be located, its resources and relationships are established.To be effective in terms of product or service design, developing or manufacturing, delivering and satisfying customers needs, an organization or company needs to efficiently manage its operations that would enable it to achieve more clear from the services and products its produces. Moreover, high quality of these products and services and cost-available position should also be taken into account. For that purpose usable management is an important line management as it helps organization to display its best performance with coordinating and controlling of the resources needed for design, production and operation of business that at the same time enforce a company to obtain the highest level of efficiency and value add (Waters & Waters, 2002).Operational management of Swedish company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, small vehicles and home accessories is the best example of how its effective management led to the success. One of the valets largest furniture retailers, the turnover of the company is close to four billion dollars. The companys study idea is to provide the high-quality furniture and accessories at a low price to enable each man-to-man to purchase them. Ikea is also known for its sophisticated design, logistics and distribution concepts (Larcon,

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