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Enterprise Architecture Proposal Essay Example for Free

Enterprise Architecture Proposal probeSubmitted December 4, 2011 Description The organization I induce selected is the company I work for, CMH Systems. The heart and soul functions of this backing atomic number 18 Therapy, Counseling, Placement, and Job skills to name a few. This is a Mental Health Organization that compiles and disburses many services, including Doctors, Prescriptions, Hospitalization, and housing of Mentally or emotionally challenged individuals. Protecting client nurture is essential. The integrity of such information is critical. We are currently in an affiliation with other CMH agencies and service domiciliaters across the state. I chose this agency because it is evolving so fast. IT is mingled in every aspect of this organization and clutching abreast of changes are a challenge. Just oer three years ago, we went from paper records to electronic. This alone was challenging enough, and then we implemented electronic record keeping software. Though this was well thought out and planned we continue to experience growth that is hard to keep up with. With an 80% air as usual attitude, the change is difficult. Getting stimulus from other departments and or caterrs was essential.The problem arises when the stakeholders request changes on a daily basis. The information gleaned from the stakeholders up front was not what they expected. Their input was not specific enough to allow for advancement. Although the stakeholders were involved with the implementation of the new system, we struggle with staff that resists changes. operate(a) model in terms of business process integration. CMH has a couple of operating models. First, there is the core agency, with several outlaying units. Within the core units, there is high integration.Everything except the daily activities are centrally controlled. The selective information is managed centrally. Tthis would be the coordination model. With our affiliates where the units are their manage ment, data is kept locally, and records and data are transmitted to central for submission to state, would be the Replication model. operating model in terms of business process standardization. With both models, I mentioned the data and record keeping are interchangeable. On the core units, they enter data into the system using standardized software and data entry forms.The affiliate model runs the same standardized record keeping software and their data is kept on their servers and transmitted to us on a monthly basis. the chosen operating model in terms of business process integration. In comparison to the Happy Health organization, CMH has make strides in the areas of process integration. Although our affiliate has its own CEO and IT staff, we are the parent company. We have the same electronic record keeping software and it works in unison with theirs. We often share attitude facilities and placement of clients with them. Compare the selected organization to the sample organi zations using the chosen operating model in terms of business process standardization. In terms of process standardization, we are using the same methods of providing services and data collection. They have their own Doctors, therapists, and outreach workers on staff. The data collected there for the services, are input into their own system and the information is extracted each month and sent to us for import into our own systems. We then process the information and realize the necessary claims for submission to the state. Describe the chosen operating model in terms of the financial benefits in stock(predicate) to the organization as a result of the selection. In terms of the affiliation, the business model would be replication. Although as the primary provider and their affiliation with us we would like to have a more in sagacity model like coordination. Explain your rationale for the selected operating model. With the coordination model we would have additional control all o ver the record keeping, services provided and the ability to obtain needed information in a more by the carriage manner.IT would also be able to work together, in a unified manner. In essence, this model would provide a much better way of record keeping and the ability to access the data and provide necessary claims to the state. The way we are currently conducting business is that we are completely different entities, and we have no direct recourse over what goes on there. The reason for the change in design is vital to the way we conduct business now and has a definite impact on the future. I propose the agencies interject together in one coordinated model.

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