Sunday, April 7, 2019

Human resource management Essay Example for Free

Human resource management set ab go forthAll motorbuss and great leaders should want to motivate and reward their employees. A good and hard-hitting manager would motivate and encourage their employees. If you were a manager, how would you motivate and reward your employees effectively? Money seems to motivate a mass of employees, but there argon other ways employees find satisfaction in their jobs, such as a locomote-life balance, telecommute, ch allenging work, and academic reimbursement, to name a few. If we take tutorship of our employees, they will take c are of our customers (Noe, p. 319) I truly believe this statement. If I was a manager, ensuring that my employees are taken care of would definitely be a top priority. The employees are also stakeholders. Every day they work which is an investment in the company. When the employees are treated right, involved, and able to voice their opinions, they are more willing to stay at the presidential term bimestrial. Of c ourse, the longer they stay the lower a companys turnover rate is.The employees are the company, and they represent the company. In my past experiences and positions in the life, taking care of the employees was not a priority for my previous employers. For the most berth my previous employers were about numbers, quotas, sales, money and customer satisfaction. Employees always seemed to come last, and I can say this priming coat was partly why I did leave. As an employee, I like the open door policy with managers. I like flavouring like Im a part of a great organization like its my second home.I enjoy being recognized for a job sanitary done, and I do feel that if employees feel as if they are an valuable part of an organization wherefore they will always give 100% into their work. Money is a major motivator for employees, but its not the only motivator. Employee motivation can be as individual as the people who work for you. But you can boil down employee motivation to one ba sic ideal finding out what your employees want and finding a way to give it to them or to enable them to earn it(Inc. , Nov. 30, 1999).Examples of employee motivators are performance-based cash in bonus, praise and commendation from manager, increase in base pay, teambuilding, incentives, career discussions, attention from company leadership, stock or stock options, opportunity to lead projects and advancement or growth within the organization. Gaining a better soul of what motivates employees will make you a better manager. It will help you get the most out of your employees. gravid leaders and managers make all the difference when it comes to managing and actuate employees.These alternative methods of motivating will be effective differently for each employee. Making employees feel they are doing something meaningful is an alternative methods. When employees are involved and feel that they are helping to create and achieve goals, they feel important. Research on job satisfacti on reveals employees are most satisfied when they are working on a challenging task uninterrupted (ASTD, Patterson). as well as effectively communicating help motivates employees. Employees like to know how the organization is progressing toward a goal.Giving ongoing chat about employees performances is important for employee development. Listening, respecting, and providing recognition makes employees feel worthy. Managers should manage but not micromanage. Managers should empower their employees by allowing them choices and ensuring they are accountable for their choices. There are many alternative methods that motivate employees, and this will be rigid individually. Texas Roadhouse looks for ways to recognize employees and bring them together to have fun.They tin competitions, events, outings and conferences to employees. I do think these motivating ways can be transferable to other organizations. Some bigger organizations can probably provide the same employee recognitions, but smaller organizations may not be able to. Although the smaller organizations can find other ways to recognize their employees and to bring them together, such as offering competitions, and winning gift cards, for example. to each one individual organization, no matter what size can still find ways to motivate, recognize, and bring their employees together.In conclusion, motivating and rewarding your employees is how you will keep them. Making sure your employees are engaged is very important in helping to keep them motivated. Organizations should focus on their mission, vision and higher purpose and ensure that all employees understand their daily efforts and how it drives progress towards the mission, vision and purpose. Human resources professionals must manage their organizations with finesse, constantly looking for that optimal level workplace satisfaction, which helps employees motivated and engaged.

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