Monday, April 15, 2019

Hunted House Essay Example for Free

Hunted House EssayNobodydared to go in acquit provide in an isolated part of the village . Eventually, the landscape of the empty house was shady,lush and green, no one is brave plentiful to hunt for wildfigs. The beautiful and evergreen nature surrounding the empty house was damp and soggy always. After the F.Sc examinations, my peers and I indomitable to go for camping the empty house since we had enough of studying books and would like to investigate about the mystery of that house. It was supposed to be a two old age camping trip. We equipped ourselves with the necessary camping gear and enough food to last for the two days. We walked lately inside the village and reached at a huge and old empty house. As soon as we arrived there, Hammad approaches all of us to enter the house since the journey was quite difficult and tiring. We stepped in the house to gorge our empty stomachs with the food that we had brought but we realized that the condition of the house was incredi bly dirty and dusty.The ceiling was richly covered with spider webs whereas the floor was covered with dried leaves. Hence, we managed to clear up the place before sugar eating our meal.Then, we went walking around the house and suddenly Hammad started screaming Aww. He saw a humanity skull inside a drawer. all of us were astonished with the discovery of human skull in the mystery house. At that moment, we could feel our blood stream was flushing and cold. All of us pronto rushed out of the house and decided to go back home. It was our badluck because it was raining and falling snow heavily outside. We had no choice but to expect until the rain stops. Fear was written on all our face, especially since we had discovered a human skull All of us were in low spirits. Even Hammad was silent and nervous who is actually a noisy overlord in our group. The hours dragged past but the rain continued. Instead we had no choice but to spend the shadow in the mysterious house.Although we w ere exhausted, we could not rest our tired minds and bodies with the demand of sleep.At midnight, Ali woke up to go to toilet and asked me to keep up him till the door. While I was waiting for him, I saw a fully white milled creature without head holding an axe was hunting for food in the middle of night at the balcony of the house. I could not believe my own eyes and started reciting prayer according to our religion Islam. Then, I softly went back to sleep after Ali was back. The next morning, we decided to make our way back to home and quickly packed all our goods. On the way heading back, I told them about the horrifying creature that I saw last night. All of them were nervous and frighten.On our way back, we met with a group of villagers who normallywashes their clothes at a bank of canal, which is situated about 2km away from the empty house.Therefore, we took that opportunity to ask them about the mystery of the empty house and the human skull. According to them, beforethis there was a young lady who got murdered by the communistic soldiers in the empty house. One of them tried to rape her but she managed to fight him back using an axe. Unfortunately, she lose her head in that battle. Hence, the human skull belongs to the young lady and the white creature is her spirit who is hunting pot for her revenge.After that incident, no one dared to go the house. Then, my friends and I thank the villagers and made our way for home. We decided not to go to the empty house anymore after this.

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