Tuesday, April 23, 2019

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS - Assignment ExampleThe evaluation helps them to know in which program to concentrate their effort to maximize their productivity. As the government grew, the need for this valuatement became critical. This made the sustainability of the organisational growth a business. The organization faced the management and strategy issue, which also plagues other non-profit organizations.Any organization that lacks machinery to evaluate its programs, cannot know how effective those programs are or how productive they are in terms of delivering their objectives. This inwardness that it cannot clearly demonstrate the commitment it has to its mission and it will be difficult for such an organization to warrant persistent term funding from the funders. An organization such as HCZ with a mission to educate a poor child in Harlem, must know the long-term goals it has and should be in a stupefy to explain clearly to the funders how they are planning to meet their objectives. This will convince the funder to give it the support it requires to conserve growing. Fundamentally, the organization should find a way to manage their setups to a success level. It needed an instrument to assess the working programs and discover areas to work more in the organization to increase productivity. Finding a long term funding will enable them grow and achieve their mission and objectives.How to solve the resource problem is of essence especially at this time when some of Hczs primary funders such as confused clients of Bernie Madoff and Lehman Brothers Holdings are going through financial crisis. (Spector, 98). Canada laid off staff members because of this issue. This is an obstacle to expanding services of the organization. HCZ is a good social asset. The problem that rocks it is how to protect funding from private sectors. For instance, when HCZ was planning 2003 budget, it allocated $11,300 annual spending per schoolchild in the promise academy. Funding crises forc ed the

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