Sunday, May 19, 2019

Nutrition †Flavor Essay

Science tells you what nutrients do in your body and how nutrients work together Explain why people who enjoy their nutriment may bear more nutrients from it. The brain reacts from the senses (sight and smell). It instructs your mouth and stomach to make chemicals that help digest aliment. What 5 factors contribute to contrastive cultures having such different cuisines and feed customs? Geography, Economics, Foreign Contacts, Religious Belief, Technology. List the 4 main components of the viands chain and explain the function of each.Sun The sun supplies the original energy for the planer in the appoint of light. This energy is needed to make food. Producers Some organisms make or produce food. Green plants are valuable producers. Plants use the suns energy to produce food for themselves. Consumers Organisms that must eat other organisms. Decomposers Organisms such as bacteria and fungi that break down dead matter and return the nutrients to the environment. List the 5 reaso ns for using food additives. 1. Additive flavoring 2. Improving nutrition 3.Increase shelf life 4. Maintaining grain 5. Helping foods age Define the following Nutrient a chemical substance that your body ask to function, grow, repair itself, and create energy Wellness good wellness and positive well-being. Includes physical, mental, and emotional health protect foods are familiar foods that make people fell good Culture the arts and other manifestations of gay intellectual achievement regarded collectively Cuisines may be particular to a country or region, or it may be a blend from different areas.Staple food the most widely produced and eaten food in an area Ecosystem an environment and its community of organisms, which all depends on each other for survival victuals chain is the flow of food energy from simpler to more complex organisms Shelf stable able to be stored at room temperature for weeks or months in the original, unopened containers Shelf life the length of time food holds its flavor and quality fare additives A substance added to food for a specific reason during processing.Food is essential for survival and affects the quality of your life. Healthy food choices promote wellness. Food offers more than nutrition. It also offers enjoyment. nurse foods may slow the release of stress hormones, making people feel better. Preparing and serving food lets you elicit your creativity. Different cultures have more than individuals ingredients and dishes, they have entire cuisines. Income had/has an influence on what people have/had to ready certain meals.Cultures absorb new foods through immigration, travel, and trade with other people. The food we eat depends on the health of the worlds ecosystem. The U. S. is fortunate to have abundant resources for raising food. What is one of the most important roles of food processing? To keep perishable foods from spoiling Food additives include natural and artificial flavors. When vitamins and miner als are added to foods want milk, this is labeled as improving nutrition. Increasing shelf life and delaying spoilage is known as shelf-stable.

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