Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Fillion, P. (2002) Postmodern Planning. pg. 265-285Quote Planning discourse is becoming increasingly disconnected from implementation.This repeat is from the first paragraph of the article by Pierre Fillion. As a matter of fact, it is the first censure he uses. It is a very strong sentence that sets up his article beautifully. While after reading his article, I do non agree with all of his statements or points, but this one, his main one, I do agree with strongly. Pierre lays out why he believes that planning discourse is becoming increasingly disconnected from implementation. He states that the public is becoming more conglomerate in the planning aspect, many different ways, including advocacy groups, community based groups, and public general meetings. He also states that it is becoming harder to implement the plans that they do survey up with. I believe that this is happening for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, the main reason that the implementation aspect is la cking is because almost all areas of the westward world have become obsessed with financial stability as well as have become quite fiscally conscious. Therefore get the financing for these plans has become increasingly difficult over the past so many years. Cities, individuals, businesses, provinces, states and governments cannot freely spend on items just because someone or a group wants something planned. People are becoming more conservative, and therefore less is being stark(a) now, than once was. Another reason, that I believe that things are not always accomplished is because of the planning that goes into them. I feel that people have become more conscientious of the advocacy groups and public groups that want things planning and accomplished a certain way. With the rise in public input, it is possible that the planned projects lose some credibility, and therefore when it gets to the implementation stage, those involved are less surface to proceeding with the project. The se two things, the publics opinion and the financial timidness, have led to a gap to be created between the two, and with each passing year, that gap seems to be widening. Qadeer, M.A. (1997) pluralistic planning for multicultural cities. Pg. 481-494Quote The cultural and racial diversity of citizens bears on the planning process in three ways.Following this quote the article goes on to explain in three ways how these three things affect the planning process. Without reading those three paragraphs, I am going to give my opinion on how I believe that in three ways the topic affects the planning process.

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