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Beer Garden International Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Beer Garden International - Essay ExampleHowever, as the globalisation has emerged as a favourite construct in both the academia as well as business, it came as an apprehensive thought to expand the business further to Australia. Australia got the taste of beer at the fountain of Western Colonisation. In the year 2004, in per capita beer consumption, the country was ranked as fourth. The most popular beer style in this country is Legar. However, the Australians love to taste any the beer styles with same enthusiasm. It has been noticed that the quite a little in Australia like to enjoy themselves and they would prefer to mix nice cold beer with this enjoyment. So, it does not seem to be bad composition to open one hefeweizen beer go forthlet in there. The beer outlet is supposed to be designed taking inspiration from Australian culture and their beer consumption styles. This would be to through with(p) to satisfy the consumer requirements in Australia. This report will consider the macro as well as micro environments of the business to frame a set of tactical recommendations for the beet store. Types of stores operating in the industry in the city In Australia, the consumption of alcohol (especially beer) is quite high. Beer was introduced in Australia during the colonial history and soon it turns out to be one of the favorite drinks among the people. With passage of time, high consumption of beer turns out a major problem in the country. In 1979, consumption per capita was almost 6.4 liters per year. However, imputable to stringent action taken by the government to control the situation, consumption of beer in Australia started declining. As per the data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2009, per capita consumption declined to 4.49 liter per person per year. The past analysis of alcohol consumption pattern among Australian indicates a unique change now people argon shifting from quantity to quality. Consumption of low potentiality bee r has declined by 25 percent, consumption of middle strength beer is almost unchanged and the conception of full strength beer increased constantly. In 2009, 63 million liter of alcohol consumed in Australia was in form of wine whereas 79 million liter of alcohol was as beer. Almost ten years back the consumer in Australia were consuming three brands on regular basis but today it is almost seven various brands that comprises of both premium as well as traditional brands. This is good news for the international brands (Williams, 2010). This change in consumption habit of Australian people has influenced the type of stores and outlet where beer is sold. In Australia the state government is responsible for formulating rules and regulation for alcoholic beverage sales. Beer, wine and other spirit are sold at the bottle store, locally called bottle-o. Such stores can be as separate section in a super market or it may be as an individual store. The well known brands slang their own bott le shops franchises near to the super markets. In these stores, apart from purchasing the consumers can sit and have their drinks. Apart from the bottle shops the driving establishments also have the legal permission to sell alcohol products to the customers but it is for off-site consumption. Considering the increasing pace of life, concept of pose through alcohol retail is also gaining popularity. In the drive through retiles shops customers can escape the tedious

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